Little things that delight me

I’ve written about hate and I’ve written about minor irritants before. This time I thought I’d shock my brain into gathering and writing about what I like. This isn’t an exhaustive or even categorised list, but it’s a collection of things the little, everyday (ish) things that give me unparalleled joy.

  1. Overcast mornings: Perhaps just an outcome of the city I’ve grown up in, but a morning with dim light, grey clouds and the possibility of imminent rain comforts me. If you’re imagining the kind of skies in A Series of Unfortunate Events, it is exactly that.
  2. Sunny afternoons: In typical contradiction to my own self, I like noon time to be sunny. Most likely because my head always connects noon with the time when the sun is directly overhead and that’s only possible when one can actually see the sun. It’s also a reminder of summer, which is a great time anyway.
  3. Cumulus clouds: Pretty certain everyone resonates with these. Puffy white clouds against a bright blue background, what’s not to like?
  4. Tearing at the perforation: Ohh man, this is SO much fun. Every letter that comes home, no matter how spammy it is, if it has a perforation that needs tearing along, I will do it. Seeing a clean seam come off and tear easily is just so rewarding.
  5. Peeling off sticker backs: Again, something about peeling the label off of a sticker that gives me child-like happiness. Everytime I fly, there’s a little bit of this that the airlines folks don’t do with your baggage tag. I also steal those when folks return home after flying hehe. All labels with a removable back must be liberated!
  6. Ironing: Making clothes go from wrinkled to smooth? Bliss. Generally a very relaxing task that needs little effort and brings big rewards. Bonus points if I’m able to get rid of an old, stubborn crease.
  7. Daal ko tadka lagana: It was fun when I was 7, it was fun when I was 15, it is still fun when I’m 29. The absolute sizzle and burst of spices jumping out is no less enticing than it was the first time I did it.
  8. Kicking flip-flops off of people’s feet: Timed right, this is actually hilarious to watch. People let their slippers hang from their feet in a heathenish way and I only capitalise on that.
  9. Walking about the neighbourhood on a Sunday mid-morning: Sundays are typically family days and even without looking into people’s houses (I’m not a creep unlike some people I know), you know the entire family is gathered and probably looking forward to a nice lunch. Walking past houses, getting a whiff of some nice spices, hearing the din of everyone talking over each other and seeing open gates and doors is a great reminder of how fortunate we are to be living through peaceful, calm, everyday situations and times.
  10. Sharpening knives: Ah the pure ease with which a freshly sharpened knife cuts through things is indescribable. It’s like a whole new world opens up. And you know what they say about the world when you have a hammer, eh.
  11. Seeing instruments hit milestone numbers: Typically my odometer, but also works with others (such as the number of times my flippy phone had flipped, number of km run, number of steps taken etc. etc.). I love seeing patterns and I love finding round numbers as far as I can. I will definitely slow down to see my odometer turn from — — 99 to — — 00. So satisfying.
  12. Being greeted by dogs/cats/cattle: Always, always humbling to see another critter put its faith and trust in me, as if to say that they fear no harm from me and make themselves vulnerable. Even more pleasing when it is a new animal whom I’ve never seen before.
  13. Writing: Any sort of non-professional writing brings me a lot of peace. I like using words to convey emotions and thoughts. From something as small as a note on WhatsApp to letters to blogposts, all of them bring a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.
  14. Finding hot chocolate on a menu: Best beverage ever. Come on. There’s no dispute here at all. It’s such a simple and comforting takes little effort to make and to consumer, but gives one such outsized rewards. I’m told my face lights up differently when I do find this being served somewhere.
  15. Pushing my sister’s buttons: Thankfully for me there are so very many to choose from. This isn’t so much of a choice activity as much as a duty, but I’ll still let it stay on this list.

As I’ve grown older, I’ve come to realise that keeping one’s inner child alive doesn’t corresponding to being immature, but implies being more receptive to uncomplicated situations. It’s about feeling more and thinking less. It’s about opening up to different possibilities with as few filters as possible. It’s about being unconcerned with others’ and ideas and only focusing on ones’ own.

Have I mastered this? Definitely not. Have I felt its effects? Definitely yes. It’s my resolve to bring back the inner child and indulge him in these joys, sans guilt and with gratitude.

[Hat tip to chud-bud SAN who was very helpful in being a soundboard for ideas for this medium.]



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Tanmay D

Tanmay D

I'm a 29 year old son, brother, friend and colleague who enjoys reading, playing video games and complaining about never having enough time. Read my thoughts!